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Resolution... Evolution


Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! Happy 2020!

It’s that time where you set new goals for the year and think about all the ways in which 2020 will be different than 2019. While many of us get caught up in the creation of goals, vision boards, and the “new us” we wish to become this year, we often have a hard time seeing our goals come to fruition. I learned that only 8% of people actually meet the goals they set for themselves. I believe this is due to a lack of consistency and the focus is often more on doing than being. Many times the change we so desire really depends more on a needed mindset shift.

I am a firm believer in affirmations and I am currently witnessing the power of affirmations with my 4 yo daughter. We have recently began spending time each day saying affirmations as a family and it has been awesome to feel a shift taking place in such a short period of time. Affirmations can be very effective but only if you are consistent. Even if you don’t believe the affirmation statements to be true currently, overtime you will begin to see a shift in your mindset and what you believe to be true about yourself and your life. What you believe to be true informs your behavior and as a result, your outcomes.

2019 has changed me. It was a year of challenge, growth, and healing in ways I could never imagine. While there were many amazing things that happened, there were also significant and life changing moments that have informed how I am moving forward into 2020. I did set intentions and goals for this New Year, but I decided to write an affirmation that encompasses what 2020 will mean for me. I plan to put this somewhere I can see and read through it often, maybe selecting a line or two to focus on for a time frame.

I would love to share it with you.

My affirmation for 2020

I am able.

I am open and available to learn from all that has challenged me and hurt me.

I am thankful.

I have so much to be thankful for.

Even in the midst of chaos and pain, I hold space for gratitude.

I surrender the vision that I have for myself to God and move forward in His guidance.

I am purposeful in my intentions, goals, and desires this year.

I am accountable for my life and my call.

I give myself permission to rest, space to process, and time to heal.

I listen to my body, spirit, and mind and act accordingly.

I do not feel guilty for nurturing my soul and prioritizing my well-being.

I understand what I am saying “No” to when I say yes.

I enjoy my life, my family, and my work.

I love my body.

I appreciate my past and not ashamed of where I come from as it is a part of my story.

I lend grace, compassion and empathy towards others as I understand everyone is going through something.

I cultivate joy, have fun and live every day.

I am present and patient.

I am healing, growing, and transforming continuously.

I honor my time, my struggle, and my commitments.

I am consistent in my work, my efforts, and my love.

I show up for myself, my family, and my friends.

I trust the God that lives on the inside of me – I follow my discernment.

I believe in the abundance of love.

I am vulnerable for the sake of my healing and the healing of others.

I am able.

I encourage you to read through it again but this time as you read it, take note of any words, phrases or lines that resonate with you and explore why you gravitated towards those specific words and/or phrases? Is there any part of this that you want to adapt as you go into 2020?

Give it a try! Feel free to use this affirmation, customize for yourself, or write a completely new one for your year. Give yourself freedom in this; there is not a right or wrong way to creating affirmations. Do what feels right for you and iterate as needed… life happens.

Cheers to a new year and all that means for you!

In Love & Light,

Jaralyn Roberts

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Yes, yes, yes!

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